Several kilometers away from Dobarsko is the Dancing Bears Rehabilitation Park - Belitsa, situated in the southern Rila mountain, in the area Andrianov chark, 12 km away from town of Belitsa, Blagoevgrad district, and about 180 km away from the capital Sofia. The park covers more than 120 000 sq m and it is at an altitude of 1 200 to 1 345 m.


A major contribution to its establishment have the foundations "Four Paws", "Brigitte Bardot" and the municipality of Belitsa.


It was built with the help of world-renowned experts who studies the behavior and the habits of the brown bear. The park provides to its inhabitants thick forests and hills for walk and privacy, meadows and sunny places, specially built for relaxation.


There are lakes for bathing and sleeping dens, built in different size and shape. Thus the dancing bears are provided natural environment and protected place for a quiet life, close to their normal habitat. In the park the bears can for the first time feel and show their wild instincts and innate behavior, suppressed during their captivity.


The Dancing Bear Park was officially opened on 17th of November 2000 and in 2000 the first dancing bears, that were got into the park, have been released. So far the foundation "Four Paws" managed to save the all 25 dancing bears, registered in Bulgaria and another 3 from Serbia. Together they share their common home in the park close to Belitsa. Upon request of the guests, Hotel - tavern Dobarsko can organize a visit to the park.


Source: http://park.belitsa.com and www.belitsa.com