Hut Macedonia is located in the col Mechi Prohod /between the peaks Goliam and Malak Mechi vrah/ in the southwestern Rila mountain.

One of the most beautiful views in the Rila mountain opens out from there. The 360 ° panorama offers view to Dinkov dol and Semkovo, the peak Malak Mechi vrah, the peak German, the valley of Bistritza river, the peak Goliam Mechi vrah, the peak Angelov vrah and others. It is located at an altitude of 2 166 m at the southern foot of the peak Goliam Mechi vrah.

The hut provides sleeping accommodation for 40 people in rooms with 4, 5, and 7 beds and one common room with bunks for 24 people. The building has water-suppy laid on and it is supplied with electricity from its own source. The bedrooms are heated with radiators through a solid fuel boiler, there is an internal bathroom and a toilet. It has a spacious dining-room with a fireplace, a kitchen, where the tourists can cook their food, a counter for foodstuffs and essential commodities. In the summer it is possible to camp out. In the region is available connection with mobile network operators.


Macedonia chalet is located at the crossroad of many picturesque and interesting hiking trails, which makes it a key place for the tourism in the Rila and Pirin mountain. There nature lovers can admire some of the most beautiful views of the both mountains.


Neighbor tourist sites:
- Eleshnitsa Chalet
- Rila Monastery

- Ribni Ezera Chalet
- Granchar Chalet
- Chakalitsa Chalet
- Semkovo Chalet
- Dobarsko Chalet
- Predela Chalet
- Bodrost Chalet /11 km. dirt road/
- Bodrost Chalet /in peak Tsarev vrah/
- Peak German / 2 484 m /
- Peak Malak Mechi vrah /2 474 m /
- Peak Goliqm Mechi vrah /2 618 m /
- Peak Kukov vrah /2 411 m /
- Markov kamak
- Upper lift station

The hiking trails are marked.

Starting points:
1.Village Dobarsko
2.Town of Blagoevgrad


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