Other interesting sights are the Roman furnace and "the century-old tree".

In 2001, on the outskirts of the village are found remains of a Roman furnace for bricks and tiles, dated to 3-4th century by the archaeologists at the Museum of History in Blagoevgrad. Perhaps these are the oldest material traces in the history of Dobarsko.

Some time ago a strong wind blew down a century-old tree and in its root were revealed brick arches, forming a small tunnel. Local archaeologists found that this is an ancient ceramic furnace for production of bricks and tiles. At present the furnace of Dobarsko is one of the few furnaces of this type, found in Bulgaria. It is very well preserved and it is a unique and valuable monument.

Seven kilometers away from the village is the so-called century-old tree. According to the experts it is a Doklyuva fir, that is about 500 years old.  The roots of the fir have come on the surface and give shelter to tourists catched in a storm. Sprouted and grown on a sloping ground, its roots have come on the surface and look like legs or tentacles and between them a space in the shape of a small cave has been formed. There in a storm and bad weather about 10 people can find shelter.