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Dobarsko is among the oldest settlements in Bulgaria. For the first time Dobarsko was mentioned in a charter of King Ivan Shishman from 1378. Then the settlement was known by the name Gnidobradsko. After Turkification of Razlog, its population grew rapidly because of the Bulgarians, escaping from the Ottomans. Up to the 18th century Dobarsko was an important economic and commercial center in the valley of Razlog. Its name was at that time Nedobarsko. Down the ages Dobarsko was the center of important cultural and religious events.

Probably the greatest historical object of interest in the village is the church St. Theodore Tyron and Theodore Stratilat, which is located right in the center of Dobarsko. It is a basilica with a nave and two aisles from the 17th century that was built half in the ground in order not to incur the wrath of the Ottoman Empire. The number of the images painted in the temple exceeds 460, which is an achievement of the religious art by itself considering the small area they are painted on. Because of them the temple is national monument of culture. Very attractive for the visitors of the village and the church is the fresco of Jesus Christ in the form of a spaceship. There is a spring in the courtyard of the temple, which is considered to be healing and also keeps a history, shrouded in legends.

Dobarsko is located very close to the Rila Monastery and eight temples are scattered around it as a fence.

Among the attractions in Dobarsko is also the 30-meter picturesque waterfall, the antique ceramic furnace and the 500-year-old fir.

A few kilometers from the village is the Dancing Bears Rehabilitation Park - Belitsa.

Dobarsko is the starting point of interesting hiking routes, well known to mountaineers, namely hiking routes to peak Musala, Dobarsko chalet and Macedonia chalet.

Interesting places here are also Germanitsa, Sarovitsa, St. Elias.

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